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Knox County CAC Transit provides access to community resources and services by providing safe, reasonably comfortable transportation for Knoxville-Knox County residents who have no other means of transportation.

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Knox County CAC Transit Stories

“Thank you so much for your help in transporting my husband to work. He is elderly and disabled but wants to continue to work as long as he can. Because of your service, you are helping my husband keep his dignity and independence.”

“I want to take this opportunity to thank you and all the people at Knox County CAC Transit for the transportation they provide for my husband and me to take him to the dentist, doctor, and other places he needs to go. There is no way that I could take him if it was not for the service you provide. He is in a wheelchair due to ministrokes, and it is impossible for me to take him without your help. The drivers have all been very kind and helpful. Words cannot express how much I appreciate your service and all you do for us and others. May God bless you and everyone responsible for this service.”

From a doctor’s office:

I want you to know some of the recent experiences that we have had with Knox County CAC Transit. We have observed the CAC drivers to be very personable, courteous, and encouraging with our patients. Drivers are regularly coming into the building to pick up our patients and escort them down the ramp. This enables patients to wait safely and comfortably inside without worry of being left behind. We are also hearing good stories from our patients about their riding experiences with CAC. One woman who lives in a rural area told us that when her van arrived at her home one afternoon, there was a strange car parked out front, and the patient didn’t recognize the occupants. “It made me really uneasy,” she said. She reported that the driver was so attentive and reassuring and personally escorted her into her home. She was so grateful for this kindness. Another report came in about a driver who braved some mean-looking, barking dogs to help a passenger who had stumbled outside her home. Heartfelt thanks, and KUDOS to you and your staff at CAC Transit for excellent customer service in all regards!

Examples of some of the special contracts in the last year included:

A trip from Union County to Kentucky to take a woman to her family reunion.

Every year, CAC Tranist transports busloads of seniors and people with disabilities to the TVA&I Fair. We usually pick up from all of the high-rises, Daily Living Center, and sometimes nursing homes, and take them on Senior Day. They really love going to the fair.

Every year, we transport groups of seniors on the Dogwood Trails. They always get to go out to eat on this outing. They love going on the Dogwood Trails. Several nursing homes contract with us to transport their residents on the trails. It is sometimes the only time these residents get out of the nursing homes.

We have four to five requests every year to transport nursing home residents to weddings. The driver usually stays with them in case they need to leave early. These passengers are always wheelchair and/or oxygen-bound. They have expressed their appreciation to CAC for being flexible in providing this service.

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