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Senior Employment Service offers employment workshops for seniors who are seeking employment for any reason.

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Senior Employment Service Stories

Ms. C, a 57-year old applicant who was experiencing major discriminatory barriers, came to Senior Employment Service (SES) for assistance after many doors had been closed to her. She was truly desperate and willing to do any type of work because she needed an income so badly, but no one would give her a chance. The SES staff worked with Ms. C for a long time to rebuild her lost confidence. SES referred her to free computer training to advance her skills and worked with her to update her resume. SES arranged an interview that called for her new skills, and she was hired!

From workshop to work

A 71-year-old man named Mr. B needed additional income because of major medical bills due to recent surgery. He attended the SES workshops each week, gaining new skills and listening to visiting employers discuss what they were looking for in new employees. In approximately six months, he was hired by one of the workshop’s visiting companies.

From two employers that hire SES job candidates

“I have been working with Senior Employment Service for a while now. I am very impressed with the enthusiasm of the staff, plus, I am also impressed with the quality of candidates I have interviewed. I also attended the job fair recently and was very surprised at how well it was put together and the number of attendees.”

“Thank you again for including us in your job fairs and keeping us advised of great candidates. We have always received wonderful people from your office and consider it an invaluable resource. Thanks again, and keep up the good work!”

Letter from a job candidate

“In my job searches, I have met a lot of people who said they would help me find a job, but they were not as sincere as you. You seem to care about finding people jobs that they would be qualified to do. You are knowledgeable about jobs and employers, but you also seem to have “people sense” and to genuinely enjoy helping people find jobs. With your help, I know I will be able to find a job through your office and I am looking forward to working with you. I would recommend that anyone who is looking for a job should come to you.”

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