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With one phone call to Senior Citizens Information & Referral Service, seniors in Knoxville and Knox County can get their questions about services answered and be referred to the services they need.

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Senior Citizens Information & Referral Service Stories

Mrs. W, age 62, called Senior Citizens Information & Referral Service (SCIRS) to inquire about financial assistance with adopting a pet. Mrs. W said that she called SCIRS because SCIRS “always has all the answers.” Mrs. W said that she had called SCIRS approximately a year ago and remembered how helpful SCIRS was at that time.

Mrs. W went on to describe that call she placed one year ago. Mrs. W said that she had lost her job, had developed health problems, and had found herself in a position she had never found herself in before—she needed help and assistance. Mrs. W called SCIRS and said that she was so desperate and in such despair at that time, that she literally was at the point of taking her own life if she was told during that call that there was nothing to help her. She had already tried to access assistance and services, but with every phone call, had either received information that was incorrect or was told there was no assistance for her.

The SCIRS Information & Referral Specialist was able to assist Mrs. W in locating housing and food, walked Mrs. W through the process of applying for benefits, and assisted with locating enough financial resources to help Mrs. W get a better foundation from which to start. Though the housing Mrs. W needed had a two-month waiting list, Mrs. W at least had hope and assurance that she would eventually get the housing she needed. Mrs. W said that she did eventually get the benefits and housing that she had applied for and that she “absolutely loves” her new home.

Mrs. W’s apartment complex allows pets, but Mrs. W needed assistance with paying the adoption fee and that is why Mrs. W had called SCIRS again. The Information & Referral Specialist provided Mrs. W with information regarding a program that does assist seniors with paying animal adoption fees and made a referral for Mrs. W to this program. Mrs. W began crying and said that ever since she called SCIRS one year ago, it’s as if she has encountered “blessing after blessing” and that she is now able to find help each time she needs it. It only takes one phone call to Senior Citizens Information & Referral Service.

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