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About PAWS

Knox PAWS matches eligible seniors with adoptable pets. Research indicates that pets improve seniors' physical, emotional, and mental health.

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Knox PAWS Stories

Mr. C is a 73-year-old man with disabilities who lives alone in a senior high rise. Late last winter, his cat and constant companion, Shadow, passed away. Mr. C was heartbroken. He moved to a new apartment and felt horribly lonesome as he grieved over the loss of his friend of many years. Mr. C's case manager mentioned he would be eligible to adopt a cat through the PAWS program.

When Mr. C was ready, he went to visit some adoptable cats at Young-Williams Animal Center. With assistance from PAWS, he was matched with Chloe, an outgoing adult female cat. He explained later that when he first met Chloe, there was an immediate "connection." Mr. C told his case manager that the day he brought Chloe home from the animal center was "The first night I have not been lonesome in a very long time." Mr. C and Chloe have been together for several months now. Mr. C said that he and Chloe are a perfect match for one another.

Mr. C expressed his gratitude for the PAWS program and all its assistance. He indicated that he would not have been able to adopt Chloe on his own because of his disabled status and low income. The PAWS program was able to assist Mr. C in doing the necessary paperwork to adopt Chloe and help with the adoption fee. They were also able to assist in connecting Mr. C with a veterinarian in his neighborhood to provide ongoing services for Chloe at a discount.


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