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About O'Connor Center

The John T. O’Connor Senior Center, located in Caswell Park, is an activity center that provides a place where seniors can not only add years to their lives, but add life to their years.

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O'Connor Senior Center Stories

Playing music and singing has been an important part of Ben’s life. For several years, he had been part of the jam session at one of the mall health centers, where he also volunteered five days a week. After the health center closed, Ben was spending his days at home alone. O’Connor Senior Center staff became aware of Ben’s situation and added a weekly jam session to its calendar and invited him to coordinate this activity and to also volunteer in health services.

He quickly became a part of the Center family and now comes to the Center daily. He had to stop driving, but with the support of his family, he continues to come to the Center every day. Both Ben and his family readily share that the Center gives him a reason to get up each morning and that he eagerly looks forward to visiting with his Center family of friends. Everyone at the Center looks forward to seeing him each morning with his quick smile and that special twinkle in his eye.

Fighting Loneliness and Isolation

Mark is a younger senior who has macular degeneration, a progressive vision disorder, brought on by diabetes. Work had been the focal point of his life, and when he retired due to his disability, he retreated to his apartment, where he lives alone. Mark found himself unable to drive and dependent upon one friend to help him get out. While searching for resources, Mark and his friend came to the O’Connor Center to see what might be available.

Mark shared his story and how his loneliness and isolation were quickly leading to depression. Arrangements were made for him to begin attending the Center using public transportation. The Center nurse became involved and made referrals to agencies that could provide education, support, and assistive devices for his vision loss, while she provided health screenings and one-on-one support. Mark continues to struggle with the changes in his life but says that the Center has been a blessing to him and has made a huge difference in his life.


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