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Project LIVE coordinates services that allow frail older adults to remain in their own homes and as independent as possible.

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Project LIVE Stories

Mr. S is a frail elderly man living alone in a small home on a low, fixed monthly income. Early this year, his health began to rapidly deteriorate. He began having problems with his vision and started to fall quite often. He also developed a prostate problem. Mr. S ended up in the hospital multiple times and had several surgeries. After that, he had trouble managing his finances, his home was in disarray, he could not cook, he had trouble using the phone, he couldn’t keep track of his medical bills, missed his appointments, and was still falling constantly. He was on the brink of ending up in a nursing home.

With assistance from his case manager from Project LIVE, Mr. S was able to apply for the Medicaid Waiver Program. He was approved and now receives in-home assistance with housekeeping, cooking, shopping and personal care five days per week. He was also able to get the VA to purchase him a desktop video monitor and powerful reading glasses so he can read his mail, write checks and read the newspaper. Mr. S also had a wheelchair ramp built by a local nonprofit agency. Project LIVE had a group of volunteers clean Mr. S’s yard and stain his wheelchair ramp. He was referred to Volunteer Assisted Transportation for escorted transportation to appointments. Project LIVE also delivered some donated furniture and a refrigerator to replace his broken one. Mr. S’s health has now improved and he is not in danger of going to a nursing home. He can continue to live independently in his own home, thanks to the assistance he received through Project LIVE, the Medicaid Waiver, and other local agencies.

Ms. M told her care manager “you are an angel on earth”

Ms. M is a 72 -year old woman who was referred to Project LIVE by KUB’s Gatekeeper Program. Her utilities had been disconnected for nonpayment and she owed more than $2,000. A LIVE care manager went out the day we received the referral to visit Ms. M and found she also had two teenage children living with her. They had been without utilities for some time, so her care manager started to work immediately to get help for the family. She had not been paying her bill because her son had been stealing her Social Security check, so she had no money. Her care manager helped her to take out a restraining order against the son and was able to get help from several agencies in town to get Ms. M’s power restored. The case manager also helped her apply for and get food stamps. Ms. M told her care manager “you are an angel on earth.”

Ms. W is "tickled pink" with her ramp

Ms. W, who is 91, called in to tell the Project LIVE volunteer coordinator that she is just “tickled pink” with the ramp our volunteers built for her at her back door this summer. Ms. W depends on her walker to get around and was unable to safely use her back steps to exit her home. The volunteers also built a bench on the ramp so that she could rest if needed. Ms. W can more safely get to her back yard and now has a second way to exit her home in case of fire.

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