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In a fall or emergency, every second counts.

The security of Lifeline is now more affordable than ever. Lifeline service is now available in East Tennessee at very low cost. Lifeline has a system that is right for you. The waterproof Help Button is easy to use and responsive any time you need help. You decide whom you want to respond: a neighbor, a family member, a medical professional, or any other person of your choice.

For more information, or to call and order to keep you or your loved one safe at home, call toll-free: 1-866-674-9900, ext. 4310. Please mention code TN765.

For more information about Lifeline products and services, plans, and how it works, go to Please remember though, that if you want to order Philips Lifeline for yourself or a loved one in or near Knox County, Tennessee, to use the phone number and extension listed on this web site to be connected to the correct geographical location.

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