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Connecting Hearts

Connecting Hearts provides extra help and companionship to Mobile Meals and Office on Aging clients who have been identified by program staff as extremely socially isolated and having limited access to food. This is a partnership between WBIR-TV, CAC Office on Aging Mobile Meals, and Second Harvest.

A Connecting Hearts volunteer can be one person or a small group that commits to provide a weekly delivery of supplemental food to at-risk seniors in our community while also performing a check on their well-being.

Connecting Hearts volunteers will typically visit seniors during the early evening or on weekends. This one-on-one time allows for volunteers to connect individually with the senior or seniors whom they are working with. The time commitment is one to two hours a week over a six-month period. This is an ideal volunteer opportunity for people who want to form deeper relationships with seniors in our community or who have wanted to deliver Mobile Meals but have not been able to fit it into their schedules. Specifics are listed below. Detailed volunteer training and delivery instructions will be provided for Connecting Hearts volunteers. All volunteers will undergo a background check.

3 Ways to Help

Visit a Senior

  • One weekly visit. Six month commitment. Visits can be shared among up to four volunteers.
  • One-hour visit once a week. Ideal for evenings or weekends.
  • Individuals or groups such as Scout troops, sports teams, church groups, youth groups, friends, and other groups.

Pack Groceries

  • Two-three hours, once a month.
  • Done at the Mobile Meals Kitchen. Scheduled as needed.


  • It takes $2,000/month to provide the groceries for the 40 seniors in Connecting Hearts.
  • Donate Funds: Click here and choose Connecting Hearts to give money.
  • Donate Food: Click here for a list of approved foods and local drop-off locations. On October 24, you can also donate food at the checkout at one of four Kroger locations to be announced later.

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