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The Gift of Sight, Hearing & Dentures is a revolving loan fund that pays for the initial cost of eyeglasses, hearing aids, or dentures and allows the seniors to pay back the cost over time as they are able.

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Gift of Sight, Hearing & Dentures Stories

Mrs. D, age 71, received her hearing aids through the GOSHD program. Mrs. D said that due to hearing loss, she had started to isolate herself from social situations and that she felt "trapped" by her hearing loss. She had stopped meeting friends for lunch, going to church, and tried to avoid family gatherings as much as possible.

Mrs. D said that she avoided social situations not only because she feared embarrassment but also because the constant concentration required in attempting to understand what people were saying was exhausting. Mrs. D said that she would often find herself smiling and nodding when people spoke to her because she was too embarrassed to ask them to repeat themselves over and over during the course of a conversation.

More than once, she found out later that she had smiled and nodded when that was an inappropriate response. Committing these social blunders began to cause her to suffer from depression, and she found herself never wanting to leave her home.

"I never knew how much your happiness in life was completely dependent on being able to hear," Mrs. D said. After she was fitted with hearing aids, she said, "the difference is like night and day." She said that when she walked out of the hearing center on the day she received her hearing aids, the noise of the traffic and other sounds outside "nearly scared me to death!"

Mrs. D said that she will be "forever grateful" to GOSHD for helping her afford her hearing aids. Mrs. D said that had she not been able to find financial assistance for purchasing the hearing aids, she would probably still be sitting at home alone and "letting life go by without me." Mrs. D states that she no longer avoids social situations; on the contrary, she looks forward to them now and considers herself to be a "social butterfly!"

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