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Elder Abuse Community Outreach Program

The Elder Abuse Community Outreach Program is charged with administrating a federal elder abuse grant. This grant was obtained by the Knoxville Police Department from the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office on Violence Against Women.

Major grant components include:

  • Training for all law enforcement officers in Knoxville-Knox County as well as other partners
  • A monthly coordinated community response meeting that seeks to fill service gaps for elder abuse victims in the criminal justice and social services systems
  • Direct services for elder victims through partnership with Adult Protective Services and others

Funding from the East Tennessee Foundation provides community education on how everyone can identify, report, and respond to elder abuse in our community. Together these resources offer a comprehensive program for tackling the complex issue of elder abuse.

Coordinated Community Response

The Elder Abuse Coordinated Community Response brings together an interdisciplinary group (i.e. law enforcement, aging network, etc.). This group meets monthly to identify and fill gaps in the criminal justice and social services systems. Large goals include creating community education on elder abuse; supporting the creation or expansion of affordable housing for elder abuse victims; and encouraging organizations that serve older victims to review and update their policies as needed.

Elder Justice: How to Identify, Report, and Respond to Elder Abuse

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