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Consumer Information

Many organizations inform consumers about businesses and charities before they use services or donate money. See also Action Guide.

AARP: 1-866-295-7274

150 4th Avenue N., Suite 180, Nashville, 37219
Provides information and referral on services provided by AARP, including volunteer opportunities and advocacy on state and national issues. For publications on finances, health, home modification, independent living, and more, write: AARP Fulfillment Unit, 601 E Street NW, Washington, D.C., 20049. Order by mail only. Call for titles and order numbers.  |  Website »

Better Business Bureau: 692-1600

255 N. Peters Road, Suite 102, 37923
Call for reports or to determine if complaints are on file about area businesses; check on charitable organizations. Offers mediation and arbitration to resolve problems and information about scams and other topics of consumer interest, including how to get information about out-of-area businesses (must know ZIP code).  |  Website »

Business Tax Offices

Knox County: 215-2392

300 Main Street, Suite 226, 37902 (street)
P. O. Box 1566, 37901 (mailing)

Knoxville: 215-2083

400 Main Street, Room 450, 37902 (street)
P. O. Box 1028, 37901 (mailing)
Informs consumers about local businesses’ licensure status. Check with county and city offices before doing business with providers, particularly those that initiate contact.

Knox Housing Partnership: 637-1679

109 N. Winona Street, 37917
Focuses on affordable housing for low- and moderate-income persons; first-time home-buyers’ counseling; foreclosure counseling; and financial fitness education for prospective home buyers. See sponsor messages, pages 197 and 205.  |  Website »

Knoxville Area Urban League: 524-5511

1514 E. Fifth Avenue, 37917
Provides free foreclosure counseling, mortgage assistance, and budget and credit classes to help individuals better understand and manage their finances.  |  Website »

Legal Aid of East TN: 637-0484

502 S. Gay Street, Suite 404, 37902
Reviews consumer contracts (home repair, landlord/tenant, car buying, etc.) before they are signed. Consultation for age 60+ and legal representation for low-income clients in consumer fraud claims. Call for appointment.  |  Website »

National Do Not Call Register: 1-888-382-1222

Call or go online to enroll as a residential telephone subscriber who does not want to be solicited by telemarketers. Effective within 30 days after enrollment; telemarketers are prohibited from calling, unless exempted by law. Registration does not expire. Enroll with both the national register and Tennessee Do Not Call list.  |  Website »

Opt Out: 1-888-567-8688

Toll-free line offered by credit bureaus enables consumers to opt out of pre-approved credit offers sent to their homes for five years or forever, depending on menu option chosen. Can enroll online.

Tennessee Division of Consumer Affairs: 1-800-342-8385

Takes complaints about unfair trade practices, deception, fraud, or illegal practices. Not for general complaints; consumers must have lost money with the business they are reporting.  |  Website »

Tennessee Human Rights Commission: 1-800-251-3589

7175 Strawberry Plains Pike, Suite 201, 37914
Investigates complaints of discrimination in employment, housing, and public accommodations.  |  Website »

Tennessee Identification Card

Knox County Clerk’s Office, Driver License Division.  |  Website »

Cedar Bluff: 215-8515

1028 Old Cedar Bluff Road, 37923

TN Dept. of Safety, Strawberry Plains: 594-6399

7320 Region Lane, 37914

Halls Center: 922-5215

7028 Maynardville Highway, 37918

Knoxville Center Mall: 215-2385

3010 South Mall Road, 37917

Main Courthouse: 215-2695

300 W. Main Avenue, 37902
Provides Tennessee ID card for nondrivers. For initial ID, you must go to the TN Dept. of Safety office in Strawberry Plains. If you already have a nondriver TN ID and need to renew, change name, or get a copy, you can go to any site listed above. For initial ID, provide proof of name and identity, including Social Security ID and certified birth certificate (or other certified document with birthdate) and marriage certificate (for name change), and two proofs of residency. Cost varies. Must be renewed like driver’s license until age 60, then card is permanent. Call for details on locations, hours, and ID required. Disabled persons who cannot drive may qualify for a free permanent ID; see Disability Services.

Tennessee Regulatory Authority (TRA): 1-800-342-8359

460 James Robertson Parkway, Nashville, 37243
Monitors quality of services provided by regulated, private, for-profit public utilities such as local and long-distance phone companies and some natural gas companies, gas and water utilities (not TVA, cell phone or cable TV companies). Investigates and mediates unresolved consumer complaints. Offers information on topics such as energy efficiency, saving money on long-distance, unauthorized switching of phone service, billing for services or products never ordered, understanding your phone bill, and more.

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