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About AMOS

Affordable Medicine Options for Seniors (AMOS) assists senior citizens and people with disabilities to reduce the cost of their prescription medicines.

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AMOS Stories

Mrs. B contacted AMOS in November 2008 about her husband’s Medicare Part D. Her husband had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, so she was calling on his behalf. It appeared that he was in the Part D “Doughnut Hole” (gap in coverage)—and would be for the rest of the year. AMOS helped Mrs. B apply to four Patient Assistance Programs that would provide her husband with free brand-name medicines for the rest of the year.

In April 2009, an AMOS volunteer called Mrs. B to see how things were going. Making “check-back” calls is a service that AMOS provides to people who have received individual advising from the program. Mrs. B said that her husband was taking more expensive medicines this year and was already in the Doughnut Hole.

After talking through the logic of whether it was best to continue to buy his medicines with his Part D insurance until he was out of the Doughnut Hole or was it best to “go to Plan B” and get his medicines through whatever method was least expensive (Patient Assistance Programs, discounts, or Part D insurance), Mrs. B decided that they couldn’t afford to pay their way through the Doughnut Hole. AMOS then recommended a combination of free medicine programs and a variety of discounts to get each of Mr. B’s medicines.

Correcting an Error for Mr. M.

Mr. M contacted AMOS in January 2009 after learning about the program from the Senior Citizens Information and Referral Service. Mr. M had received several statements from his Part D insurance company indicating that he had a balance due of nearly $100. This did not appear accurate to the AMOS adviser because Mr. M had been receiving the Extra Help subsidy from the beginning of Part D in 2006. The adviser and Mr. M obtained records that proved this and then contacted the insurance company by phone. The company’s member services representative reviewed their records, located the error, and corrected it.

Later in the year, Mr. M contacted AMOS again for help with completing a questionnaire to see if he might be eligible for some level of Medicaid assistance, even though he was not eligible for full benefits. In the process of completing the form with Mr. M, the AMOS adviser explained that Mr. M most likely would be eligible for Medicaid as soon as he spent some of his small nest egg to deal with some health issues that he’d been putting off. The adviser explained how to apply to the Department of Human Services once his assets were below the guideline and helped Mr. M complete the application when the time came.

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